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Where do you sell in Canada?

While we do kinda miss the days of having to swing by your older brother’s friend’s basement, scoring (Tea)Pot is a bit easier now – just follow our social media @drinkteapot for where you can find us in Canada.

Do you sell outside of Canada?

Not yet! But stay tuned, because our grand plan to take this high worldwide is well on its way.

Can I buy Teapot online?

Does vinyl sound better than digital? Yes, yes it does. Our website and shipping is different depending on where you live, so check out our social @drinkteapot for more info.

Can I see the nutrition facts / ingredients?

Be our guest! Every style of TeaPot is a little different, but you can take a peek at all of our nutrional panels below.

Pedro’s Sweet Sativa & Lemon Black Tea

It’s my first-time drinking TeaPot, how many should I have?

Good question. TeaPot contains 5mg of THC, a relatively small amount, but enough for a new drinker to feel a healthy buzz. Our professional advice? Just like everything else in life, start low and go slow.

Where does the Pot in TeaPot come from?

Our pot is sourced directly from a licensed cannabis producer (AKA, we’ve got the good stuff). Entourage Health Corporation in Canada provides all the cannabis for our drinks in Canada. Check out their brands Color Cannabis and Saturday if you want to try the pot without the tea.

Is Teapot gluten free?


Does TeaPot contain caffeine?

TeaPot is made with real tea, so there may be caffeine in the drink depending on the style. Per government guidelines, the amount of caffeine will never exceed 30mg per can.

I have an allergy. What allergens are in TeaPot?

There are no known allergens in TeaPot.

Where can I get a hold of some TeaPot swag?

You can ask us nicely at @drinkteapot… or you can check out the link to our e-store.

Have you ever thought about making ____?

If you can think it, we’ve considered it! But email us your idea and we’ll make sure it gets onto our to-do list. Send it to

I / we want to do business with TeaPot, who do I ask?

We love making new friends — email us and we’ll chat! Our email is